The Beach : Do’s and Don’ts

Well, going to the beach is  fun but could harm yourself too. I love playing in the sun as it brings up my mood. Plus, I always wanted a darker skin tone (I’m not the color conscious Asians). However, due to overly dose of sunbathing  today, I’ve got sunburns and it’s kinda painful y’all. This is not my first time of having sunburns but here’s some helpful tips for you.

The Do’s

  1. Plan your journey ahead. Check the weather forecast of the day. You wouldn’t want to go to the beach if it’s raining or there’s thunderstorm( too dangerous).
  2. Check if the area has a lifeguard on duty. This is for safety reason. If there’s no lifeguard, make sure that there’s someone who could swim (very well) in case an emergency occurs.
  3. Bring along food from home. Home cooked meals taste better and healthier.
  4. Obey all safety instructions listed if available.
  5. USE a sunscreen. Duhh, it’s nice to get a tanned body but kinda a painful aftermath. ( I love Nivea’s Moisturizing Sunscreen )
  6. Enjoy your time. Take a deep breathe and let go all of your misery. 😉

The Don’ts

  1. NEVER let children swim on their own.
  2. Do not litter. Use the garbage can. Keep the beach clean 🙂

Currently I’m living in Langkawi, Malaysia. I’m in love with my beautiful island and will always be. 😛

p/s Going back to college next Saturday ;( . Ohhh, how i wish the holidays could extend by itself.

Aida Laas 


The story of an Almond London

It’s been a week since Muslims all over the world celebrated Eid Mubarak. Back in my hometown (Alor Setar), we had a tremendous celebration. It was fullhouse. For the first time I (with my cousins) made the infamous raya cookies called Almond London. Kurang pasti sama ada biskut ni origin dari London or they just made it sound that way. We started the Almond London project after Subuh’s prayer and finished at 12 noon. Since all of us were fasting, the temptation occurs from dipping the naked cookies into the chocolatey syrups made all of us drools. We went ooh..awww….

 Le Almond London

Frankly speaking, my favorite biskut raya goes to Pineapple Tarts. However the taste might differ due to the pineapple jams and sometimes the taste is heavily affected by the crunchiness of the tarts. Despite that, I also fall in love with biskut makmur and biskut suji and the all time favorite, biskut semperit. ^_^

more raya stories coming thru ….