Backpacking plans

My plans :

1. To travel across south east asia before expanding my experiences across the world. Sounds doable and pretty easy to accomplish but my biggest concern is the budget. Whoa, I must work harder and start saving some $$$ ( T.T )

2. Here’s my top 10 list (well,at least for now) :
~ Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia
~ Belitung Island, Indonesia
~ Chiang Mai, Thailand
~ Da Nang, Vietnam
~ Bandung, Indonesia
~ New Caledonia
~ Armenia
~ Saudi Arabia (hajj/umrah)
~ Paris, France (why not visit this place ‘coz I think I (might) have OCDs with this city huhuhu)
~ Mongolia

P:s 6th Syawal, feels like time is speeding up and I’ll be back to work on sunday. *gulp*