keep ON trying

It’s mid july and ramadhan is coming to an end. To be exact,there’s still 6 days left or so. This year’s ramadhan has been so quick and flashy. I hope to meet ramadhan again next year,insha Allah.
I was having my internship during this time of the year. Now, I’ve been teaching at the same school for almost 7 months. Blessed to get the job. Plenty of new experiences and challenges as well as unforgettable memories. Tcahh, should I include the annoying stages of bureaucracy? Teaching without passion,kills you. Although I do feels like quitting at certain time, when I looked back at those time where my teachers never stop believing in me I do feels like I have no enough passion to be an educator like them.
Someone said that “to like your job is to love your job/to love your job is to like your job” (messed up, just typed what’s on my mind).

P:s traveling alone wed-thu (gosh, I am panicking…do I have the panic attack disorder?)
P:s:s will definitely visit Jakel and Jalan TAR


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