Had the first tasting of Smile Yogurt yesterday. Not a big fan of froyo but hey this is worth the money and tasted pretty nice. Definitely will come back for more.
I opt for the original flavor with my selection of toppings; sunflower seeds and m&m’s.
Location: Alor Star Mall

chocolate vanilla and original

chocolate vanilla and original



Almost 11 months ago, I was told that he has married. Devastated, crushed and gush of terrible heartbroken starts to tear me inside out. It took me nearly a week to buckle up and accept the facts that he’s married now. The girl is superb,tip top and yeah, has more to offer rather than the plain me. They are expecting a baby soon. All the best for his family.

I believe that Allah has planned something better for me in the future so I decided to move on (took some time but it’s okay,as long as you try). Apparently, I feel a lot calmer now. Who says you can die from a broken heart?

Remember Allah, and He shall remember you too. Alhamdulillah for the every breathe of air which I’m breathing right now and for every seconds I’m living.
Counting each day as a blessing and I guess that’s why they said “enjoy your life to the fullest”.

The end of my early morning ramblings. 😛

keep ON trying

It’s mid july and ramadhan is coming to an end. To be exact,there’s still 6 days left or so. This year’s ramadhan has been so quick and flashy. I hope to meet ramadhan again next year,insha Allah.
I was having my internship during this time of the year. Now, I’ve been teaching at the same school for almost 7 months. Blessed to get the job. Plenty of new experiences and challenges as well as unforgettable memories. Tcahh, should I include the annoying stages of bureaucracy? Teaching without passion,kills you. Although I do feels like quitting at certain time, when I looked back at those time where my teachers never stop believing in me I do feels like I have no enough passion to be an educator like them.
Someone said that “to like your job is to love your job/to love your job is to like your job” (messed up, just typed what’s on my mind).

P:s traveling alone wed-thu (gosh, I am panicking…do I have the panic attack disorder?)
P:s:s will definitely visit Jakel and Jalan TAR