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My so-called-backpacking-plans to New Caledonia

By the end of next month, I’ll be hitting the sacred number ’22’. Arghh, 10 years ago I was merely 12 years old.  I’ve always wanted to travel, the backpacking style…alone. Hopefully dad allows it-lah. Since I’m living in Langkawi, there are only two modes of transportation to get outta here, basically to get to the mainland, 1- By ferry 2- By air.

New Caledonia. This place of interest first comes into picture while I was going through my French textbook, Tapis Volant. My future backpacking plans:

1- Fly from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur. Well, to save up the budget I could just take a ferry from Jetty Kuah to Jetty Kuala Perlis (ticket would be RM18 or USD 5.80). Then from Kuala Perlis I could ride express coach to Kuala Lumpur, the Puduraya bus terminal would be an ideal stop since it is nearby to the lrt stations. A bus ride from Kuala Perlis to Puduraya terminal would cost around RM45 or USD 14.50. From Puduraya I can straight-away take a cab to the airport or get myself to KL Sentral (train station) via LRT. From KL Sentral I can later enjoy another ERL ride to KLIA or LCCT, depending on the flight ticket lah. But I will need to plan wisely if I am traveling by land to Kuala Lumpur as I might not want to miss my flight.

2- Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. And from Sydney to Brisbane. And after 5 hours or so I’ll be landing in La Tontouta International Airport, Noumea.

3- And the journey begins.

Wow, seems legit aite?