Welcome and selamat datang.

Before I started this WP, I already have a BS account since 2009. I used to blog about everything but nowadays I’ve no longer have the passion to do so. WP is simple and clean compared to BS where users are allowed to add as much HTML codes as they wish and I’m not a fan of those glittering graphics and others. Plus, the site could be heavy as well. The name “My Cheritas not Chivitos” is my personal coinage. 😀 , it wasn’t coined at all but I like the way it rhymes. Cheritas is a malay upgraded word of Cerita which means to tell about something, much more like a story. Chivitos on the other hand is the name of a national dish in Uruguay ( it is sandwich ). Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, I got to know about this yummy-looking food.

When I was in secondary school , I used to write poems and even recited it. I fall in love with poems back then because I feel that I could connect with the author’s emotion and find the messages hidden within the poem. I considered myself as a naturalist back then. Now, I need to get my passion back. 🙂

Tomorrow is August 31st. Happy 55th Merdeka Day for my country, MALAYSIA ;’) .

p/s Will start writing in bilinguals soon. 🙂

Aida Laas


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