Playing with tags

1. Things you cannot leave your home without : My mobile phones, keys and purse.

2. Favorite brand of Make-Up : Err, I don’t know.

3. Favorite flower : Tulips. ( but roses aren’t bad either )

4. Favorite clothing store : Uniqlo ? I love their striped pants.

5. Favorite Perfume : The Body Shop White Musk

6. Do you make good grades ? : I do, only for my favorite subjects šŸ˜€ .

7. Favorite color : Definitely RED

8. Do you drink juice? : Oui. Orange and Kiwi.

9. Favorite moisturizer(s) : Vaseline and Hazeline

10. Do you drink coffee? : YES. My favorite would be the San Francisco Coffee shop/cafe.


p/s I have a trillions of free time today.
p/s Will start packing up for college tomorrow.


Aida Laas


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